[ExI] Epigenetics and primal/paleo diets

Dave Sill sparge at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 03:04:22 UTC 2010

Max recommended Mark Sisson's blog re: primal/paleo diets, and I've been
pending a lot of time there. One thing I haven't bought into in the notion
that a primal diet can change your epigenetics, as asserted here:


I posted a comment asking for clarification on this, but I haven't gotten
any. Here's my comment:

I understand the concept of epigenetics–barely. I’m not a biochemist. The
Nova video makes it sound like expression is fixed. It doesn’t say anything
about changing the fat mouse’s diet to turn it into a skinny one.

Is there really any evidence that a primal diet will change one’s
epigenetics? If so, where?

I’m not saying that a primal diet won’t work, I’m just questioning the
mechanism. Does it really take “gene reprogramming” for a low-carb diet to
cause a move away from an insulin-dominated metabolism?

Anyone know the answer?

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