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On Sat, Dec 25, 2010 at 08:55:59PM -0800, spike wrote:

> If an alien civilization were sending signals they intended for us to
> interpret, it would be easy to interpret.  If they intend for us to not

But how do you supress your metabolism? Earth intercepts 
only about 2 kg/s of solar flux, while the Sun total output
is about 4 MT/s. Those 2 kg/s are about 10^4 in excess of
our current needs. But that's just our *current* needs, and of
course we're already altering up to one half of photosynthetic
net primary productivity.


It is quite obvious that once terrestrial photovoltaics
deployment will run into high 10% there *will* be SPS
constellations (built in situ from lunar material), 
and soon also telecommunication, computing,
storage, quite literally becoming the cloud of nodes in
Earth-Moon system (most of us should be able to see
the beginning of this), and soon elsewhere.

This would alter the albedo of Earth-Moon, and 
of course after a few 10 years of self-replication
driven growth it will become observable over
pretty large distances by dimming the Sun via
a cloud of circumsolar nodes, and by shifting
the spectrum into FIR, ultimatively turning
the solar system into a few-AU sized ~300 K
blackbody. Such systems are ordinarily not
very visible, but we did look for them 
specifically, and we've found none (or put
the lower bound pretty close to zero).

Once you inoculate the universe the result is a 
runaway way of expansion. This is observable from
across the universe.

How do you hide your body warmth and your breath?
You can't stop the signal.

> interpret, it would be impossible to interpret.  If we are just missing a
> possibly-decodable signal, then they don't care if we interpret or not.  The
> third case would be analogous to our leaked radio and TV signals.

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