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spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Dec 28 18:38:27 UTC 2010

On Behalf Of Adrian Tymes

>> Spike, I think there is a need for a book titled "The Transhumanist's
Guide to Picking Up Women!"  ... John  ; )

>"...to Picking Up Dates".  I suspect most of the advice applicable to the
guys on this list who are having romantic trouble, would apply equally to
the gals on this list who are having romantic trouble.  ;)

Impossible sir.  Dilbert has pointed out that all geek women or any women
who will have anything to do with geeks are desirable from the time they
learn unix until approximately an hour after they are declared clinically

Scott Adams is the *only* cartoonist I know who has gone many years and
remains consistently funny:


>...(At least, the kind of dates they'd want to pick up.  There are well
documented methods for picking up "a" gal or "a" guy, but those most readily
acquired by said means are usually not the best long term partners.)...

Well there are these:


People who work 9 to 5s just relate to this kind of humor.   Stuff like this
tends to happen in offices everywhere, so it has the vague ring of truth:


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