[ExI] simulation as an improvement over reality

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>...This is why I've been examining a certain asteroid mining plan:

>...0) Come up with good estimates of the costs for steps 1-4, and obtain
investment to cover them...


Excellent thinking, thanks Adrian.

>...5a) Cackle maniacally.  Mandatory, if you believe Hollywood.  ;)...

There are two schools of thought on this.  There is the old standard
Muwaaa{ha}^5 crowd, and those who insist on the more guttural  and evil
sounding mirthful interjection starting with Buuwaa.

>...7) At some point, teleoperation just won't cut it, and you'll want to
have an on-site crew... Adrian

I must disagree on this, or perhaps modify it thus: teleoperation will
continue to work, ever improving in fact, but we may argue the whole point
of the entire exercise is to move meat to the remote site.  It isn't
*necessary* so much as it is the *goal*, an end point, even if technically
pointless, like sporting events and so much human activity.  We just do it
because... well, we don't know why, but we still do it anyway.


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