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On 2010-12-28 22:17, spike wrote:
>> It occurred to me that the process of copulation is a real time 
>> simultaneous positive and negative feedback control system...

>Teledildonics has been around for a while, but I think you are right that
there is a need to go beyond the (likely tricky) mechanical elements. Signal
processing and the right user interface designs are going to be the real
selling points...

Anders!  This is the sexiest commentary I have seen in years!

Thanks man, priceless.  A masterpiece.

>... once the kinks of the hardware are straightened out...

Sure, but actually I had in mind the opposite: getting the straights kinked

And of course making money, but you already knew that.  {8-]

>...I chatted with an entrepreneur in the business, who had subscribing
customers who "networked" with each other...

Again I find myself hopelessly, terminally not hip.  I need to avoid all
memes sexual, for far too much of humanity has derived delightfully erotic
answers long before I ever realized there was a question.

>... I really think those data streams contain gold: run Kalman filters on
them to make them predictive and smooth out network lags...

I have always thought Kalman filtering as sexy, but this takes it to a whole
nuther level.

>...Calculate eigensmooches that are *just right*...

Ah yes, eigensmooches, to find the most optimal of all smooches.

>... In fact, with macros one can do erotic things one's normal body cannot
- rapid repeats, sampled motions, extra limbs etc...

Just thinking of the money making possibilities of this notion makes my butt
hurt.  It's a good hurt.

>... I wonder what other simple channels found in current computers and sex
toys could be used to figure out hedonic information?--Anders Sandberg

Anders, you are a gift pal.


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