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>I guess I could use this opportunity to come out of the closet...

Welcome out, Anders.  We are honored that you are open with us.  

Transhumanists are the kind of people who were cool with gay before it was
cool to be cool with gay.

>[ It was this year I realized that I did have a boyfriend and wasn't
asexual... I was likely the last one to notice! :-) ]  Anders Sandberg

Well perhaps second to last.  I don't think Shelly suspects, but she is cool
with gay, which itself is remarkable for a religious type.

>> Sexuality is for me a very big issue in a transhumanist context...

It is!  It's huge.  Sexuality I mean.

I look at it this way: when someone is all messed up sexually, they risk
becoming a "sexual offender."  In football, the opposite of offense is
defense, so ideally we should all be exactly the opposite of messed up
sexually, so we would ideally be sexual defenders.  We should be open,
honest, completely accepting of everything involving fully consenting
adults, up to and including the physically impossible.  We should all be on
some kind of sexual defenders list.


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