[ExI] Nolopsism

Spencer Campbell lacertilian at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 00:08:24 UTC 2010

Aware <aware at awareresearch.com>:
>Spencer Campbell <lacertilian at gmail.com>:
>> You're correct: for me, it's more than a mouthful. You seem to be
>> giving a definition for "increasing agreement on the rightness or
>> 'morality' of actions", but I can't figure out exactly how that bears
>> on the discussion. It wasn't a point of contention.
> I saw you wrote "I feel confident that a coherent system of law could
> be made without the assumption that any selves exist for it to protect."
> I responded to that without recognizing the sarcasm that became
> obvious further down.  Sorry.

Apology unnecessary, but accepted. To be fair, it was half-sarcasm. On
the Internet, I try to avoid saying things that I don't at least
partially believe are true.

Aware <aware at awareresearch.com>:
>Spencer Campbell <lacertilian at gmail.com>:
>> We seem to be making incremental progress toward Kantland. It's only a
>> matter of time before we come across a roaming herd of categorical
>> imperatives.
> I'm talking about an upgrade to Kant's Categorical Imperative.  Its
> most significant weakness is its lack of evolutionary perspective.

Request that you start a new thread to elaborate on that. If I
understand you correctly, which I suspect I do not, you're implying
that evolution is purpose-generating. To my mind this is a massive
teleological mistake; the evolution of life on Earth is just one
elaborate ongoing accident, not a directed effort toward better

You know what humanity has evolved lately? The ability to burn fat faster.


I'm not sure how I feel about Cracked.com being the first hit for
"brown fat evolution" on Google, but there you go. We have evolved to
become less fuel-efficient. Not in exchange for higher peak power
output or anything. Just because.

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