[ExI] Joy in the transcendence of the species

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Mon Feb 8 07:09:06 UTC 2010


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> Subject: Re: [ExI] Joy in the transcendence of the species
> spike wrote:
> >Erhebungaufregung?  Approximately ~ horny for uplifting.
> Young man, wash your mouth out with soap...

Young?  Vas ist dieses young?

We have "dirty old man" and the "young horndog" but we need a term for those
of us who fall somewhere in the middle.

Regarding another topic on which I posted earlier today, evolution and the
fact that it isn't discussed much in the US public schools.  Is it?  Some
time ago Max complained that his US students knew so little about Darwin
that he had to waste valuable time in his philosophy lectures explaining the
basics of evolution before he could even start on the material.  Max am I
remembering it correctly?

The insight I had on this topic was given to me by one of our regulars, who
was visiting me at my house last week.  He commented that his friend had
been in NASA in the early years, but had grown discouraged, for after the
Apollo program was over, the organization was taken over by jesus freaks.

In retrospect, my own early years in a space town reflects exactly that
notion.  I never really realized that everywhere wasn't like my own home
town.  Now I know it isn't like that everywhere.

I already know you British guys get the right story, since Darwin was one of
your own.  So question please, USians, did your public school teach you
about Darwin?  Did they teach it right?


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