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> what of the well known freaks reading your comments?
> (you know who you are :)
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Ja, well a friend is a person who knows how you really are, and likes you

Regarding the freaks, known and unknown, who hang out on ExI-chat, I have to
admit, anyone who wants to hang out with me, I am not sure I want to hang
out with them.  It is so hard to stay away from the riff-raff when one is
riff-raff oneself.

My sister-in-law paid me the best compliment ever.  She sent me an article
from one of her many women's magazines called 100 Things That Are Getting
Better.  She said it reminded her of my outlook on life, since pretty much
everything I really care about is good and getting better all the time.

So this magazine had some stuff in there I would never have thought of, as
well as things I never heard of, such as shapewear.  What the hell is
shapewear?  That was number 2 on their list of things getting better, and I
haven't a clue what it is.  Their number 1 was floral arrangements.  Huh?
Some of the more notable comments: 3) your chances of visiting the moon.
Cool.  4) apps to help you lose weight.  OK, but my BMI would make me too
thin to qualify to be a fashion model, so let us move on.  5)  Polyester.
Something to do with shapewear perhaps?  6) TV dinners.  8) Our lungs.  They
talk about the fact that smoking is way down, which means second hand
smoking is way down.  13) catching bad guys.  Once needed a tissue sample
the size of a quarter dollar coin.  Now requires only a few cells.  14)
e-cards.  Absurd of course, no mention of e-MAIL which is how everyone
communicates now.  18) dads.  They help with the kids now.  Cool thanks for
noticing.  Four out of five children surveyed still prefer the mom, but the
father figure at least exists in their lives.  19) robots.  Agreed, cool.
20) Hillary Clinton.  Hmmm, no comment.

So OK I google, I find shapewear is girdles and such.  I haven't a clue why
this magazine thinks that is improving, or why it matters, but perhaps I
just don't understand, and I am at a total loss why this is their big number
1 on the list of things getting better.

So now, I ask you, those not involved in the Searle discussion, what things
are getting better and why?  I offer these few:  1) Computers, in every way,
2) software generally, in terms of availability, capability, stability, even
price.  3) Cars.  4) Motorcycles handle waaay better than they used to,
better and faster, even if not cheaper.  5) Phones.  6) Availability of
useful information in general, the ease of finding things out.  In
retrospect, I might move this to number one.  7) Health care: neighbor had a
heart attack, parameds here within minutes, connected her to electronic
devices to communicate with two cardiologists at Stanford Hospital.  She was
better off in the back of that ambulance than she would have been in the
most advanced hospital even just 30 yrs ago.  They gave her all the right
meds before they even started towards the ER.  Little or no permanent heart
damage.  8) The environment.  It is much cleaner than it used to be.

What are your thoughts?


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