[ExI] Very long lifespans and accompanying mental milieus

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 01:19:08 UTC 2010

BillK wrote:
If you know that the only thing that is likely to kill you in the next
200 years is an accident then it seems likely that avoiding dangerous
situations will become prevalent.

I imagine a society somewhat along the lines of Larry Niven's alien species
known as the puppeteers, who go to extremes to protect their lives.  But
because of this humans prize their advanced and nearly
full-proof technology!

He continues:
Wars were popular when nobody was likely to live beyond 30 or 40 years

But war will be fought largely with machines and a strong military will be
even more a product of lots of bright and highly educated humans (and of
course also supersmart AI's!).  I do always envision humanity taking part in
battlefield "up-close" operations.  But the "human" infantryman/special
forces of the future will be hugely enhanced to survive and succeed! lol
Joining the military will be strictly voluntary (to avoid social disruption
that would dwarf the Vietnam protests), but be seen as vastly more "daring
and macho" than it is now.  Of course I still see political tyrannies (and
even some democracies) playing mind/meme games with their young people to
try to get them to throw their indefinite lives away in largely pointless
wars.  But it won't be near as easy to convince, as it is now.

He continues:
But a risk averse society .....  Everyone driving golf carts
surrounded by air bags, no dangerous sports, health and safety
regulations everywhere, no motorcycles, etc, I'm sure you can think of more

I think we will see a society of extremes at both ends of the personal
safety spectrum.  "Mature" nanotech clothes & bodies that can save us from
most tragedies that now take lives by the millions will be utterly
commonplace, but at the same there will be the nearly suicidally daring and
bored people, who will risk their lives by engaging in extremely dangerous
sports and "leisure pursuits."

John Grigg
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