[ExI] better self-transcendence through selective brain damage

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Feb 12 22:28:47 UTC 2010

> ... 
> Getting back to religion, I am intrigued by the notion of 
> being able to advertise something like
> Faith-R-Us:  We do not believe your religion, but for a 
> modest fee, we can help you believe in it with ever greater fervor.   
> spike 

Last reply to my own comment, the I need to run, and will be away for a few.

It is clear that entire religions can be built around some particular
psychological phenomenon.  Two examples, much of that sector of modern
christianity that has the notion of born-again-ism can be explained by the
poorly understood phenomenon sometimes called the epiphany experience.  The
Apostle Paul may have been describing it in the book of Acts chapter 9:


Modern science recognizes the phenomenon of de javu as a signal path
abnormality that causes the brain to perceive information coming from the
senses as coming from the memory.  The Hindu religion explains de javu by
theorizing shadow memories from previous lives.  Monte Python take:


It looks to me like if we find how to stimulate the right neural centers in
the brain, we should be able to induce any religious experience we want,
while being perfectly honest, scientific and ethical about it.  

And make a cubic buttload of money of course.


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