[ExI] Valentine's probability factor

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Emlyn, Damien, Olga, Aware, Ablainey -- all such beautiful stories!

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I just grabbed my wife backside in a crowded Pub. The fact that I didn't get
a slap preved it was true love and that was 17 years ago.
We were very different people back then and we have both changed so much
since. We still like very different things but are fundamentally
similar and we are still together.
Go figure?!?

If you get the basic compatability right it will work regardless of matching
up your likes and dislikes.

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From: Damien Broderick <thespike at satx.rr.com>

Nah, it's a perfect test of compatibility with others (the 1 in 100K or
fewer of them) of like mind. Barbara and I were boggled at the apparent
unlikelihood of our having found each other (and we talked about this right
from the start)--which would have been wildly unlikely before the internet,
ExI, affordable international travel, etc. Suddenly we had the whole English
speaking population of the planet to trawl through--rather than the
workplace, university, church, club, etc--presorted by handy detectors for
IQ, personality type, unusual interests, etc. 
Damien Broderick 

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