[ExI] The alleged existence of consciousness

Christopher Luebcke cluebcke at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 15 20:22:42 UTC 2010

The question, I believe, is how you determine that somebody (or something) else is "conscious", not how you determine that you yourself are.

If there isn't a reproducible, agreed-upon method for determining the truth of the statement "System X is conscious", then can there be any point in having a conversation about it?

In other words, don't tell me how to detemine ifI'm conscious; tell me how to determine that you are.

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> If you're going to bring the scientific method into this,
> then the burden is on you to provide an experiment which tests for
> the existence of consciousness. 

Can you see these words, Spencer? If so then you have what I mean by consciousness. 


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