[ExI] better self-transcendence through selective brain damage

spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Feb 23 03:21:29 UTC 2010

	Spike wrote:
	And make a cubic buttload of money of course.
	David replied:
	I trust you meant "a boatload of money"?  Much more pleasant way to
carry the stuff.
	Spike, such rough language!!  ; )  But I hope David keeps in mind
that you spent many years around rough and tumble aerospace engineers and IT
guys, and so some of it invariably rubbed off on you! lol
	John  ; )

Actually the term buttload *is* the polite version.  {8^D

Regardless of the actual size of the seagoing craft, any boat contains a
finite volume.  On the other hand, the term buttload engenders a visual
image of a periodic and ongoing supply of money, coming not all at once.
The plural term buttloads can create in the imagination several backsides
simultaneously spewing forth filthy lucre.  Perhaps I should send the
suggestion to Readers Digest for their feature "Towards More Picturesque



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