[ExI] better self-transcendence through selective brain damage

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 22:48:21 UTC 2010

> Spike wrote:
> Ah, FINALLY you guys lighten up.  I post some of my best jokes, not a
> HarHar, not a guffaw.  I give you perfectly good Valentines Day advice,
> nothing but somber comments about who posted how many this or that since
> last time.
> My extropian friends, this place is a PARTY!  We have deep ideas and often
> discuss heavy topics, but we are here to have FUN too.  Eliezer assures us
> that there is an infinite amount of fun, so even if we use up an
> infinitesimal fraction of it, there is plenty of time for fun.  If we
> manage
> radical life extension, then we will eventually solve all of humanity's
> most
> persistent problems.  Then our task will be to entertain each other.  So
> lets get in practice, shall we?

Spike, thank you for the reminder that this email list is here for us to
ENJOY ourselves!  : )  I love the whole idea of this place being a big party
(following Eliezer's rule of infinite fun, vrs. Eliezer's notorious
organization known as the "Committee for Investigating Un-Extropian

As for us entertaining each other after we have achieved indefinite
lifespan, I can imagine a bunch of somber old fogies (with the outward
appearance of young people) getting together to grumble about how they were
never appreciated for the pioneering generation of transhumanists that they
were, back in the early 21st century.  But we will only be remembered by the
public (and future historians) if we really know how to party!  Spike,
please show us the way...  ; )


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