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Patrick Crotty, Daniel Schult, Ken Segall (Colgate 
> University)
Josephson junction simulation of 
> neurons
With the goal of understanding the 
> intricate behavior and dynamics of 
collections of neurons, we present 
> superconducting circuits containing 
Josephson junctions that model 
> biologically realistic neurons. These "Josephson 
junction neurons" reproduce 
> many characteristic behaviors of biological neurons 
such as action 
> potentials, refractory periods, and firing thresholds. They can 
be coupled 
> together in ways that mimic electrical and chemical synapses. Using 
> fabrication technologies, large interconnected networks of Josephson 
junction neurons would operate fully in parallel. They would be orders of 
magnitude faster than both traditional computer simulations and biological 
neural networks. Josephson junction neurons provide a new tool for exploring 
long-term large-scale dynamics for networks of neurons.

See also this 
> page 
> here

This is actually a very cool idea. I see how Josephson junctions do act a lot like biological neurons. But there are also other features of JJs that are "value added". One thing that springs to mind is that Josephson junctions are also used in super-conducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDS) because they are extraordinarily sensitive to minute magnetic fields. SQUIDS can even measure the tiny magnetic fields produced by biological brains. The implications of this ability are quite interesting. Artificial brains that could detect or perhaps even read the thoughts of other brains might be possible. Kind of like built- in ESP. I will have to think about it more, but I wanted to separate it from the noise of the other thread. Thanks Serafino.

Stuart LaForge 

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