[ExI] why anger?

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Feb 26 04:04:55 UTC 2010

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> > 	* NEW SCIENTIST issue 2749.
> > 	* 24 February 2010
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> > Honesty is the best policy for climate scientists
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> > FOR many environmentalists, all human influence on the 
> planet is bad...

Apologies, accidentally hit send too early.  

More to the point: it seems to me that an MBrain is the only logical
endpoint for evolution.  Like a mathematical proof, where we see where we
are trying to go, the MBrain is the endpoint.  We need only find a path, any
path to get there.  As imaginative as I am (and modest too) I cannot think
of ANY other logical evolutionary endpoint than an MBrain.  If the MBrain is
our destiny, it doesn't matter if we save every extant species, but it does
matter if we maximize thought.  Thought is good.

Can anyone here propose any other endpoint to evolution besides an MBrain
around every star throughout the galaxy?


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