[ExI] MBTI, and what a difference a letter makes...

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Sun Jan 3 18:46:47 UTC 2010


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> ...
> Hm.
> ...Every 
> time I've tried a Myers-Briggs test (being just as vain as 
> everyone else), I've got a different result.  So far, I'm 
> INTP, INFJ, and INFP, so rather than an xNTx, I seem to be a 
> INxx. Does that mean anything?...

Multiple personality disorder?


One's score to a large extend does depend on one's mood at the moment, but
it is just a game.  It would be entertaining to try to create a pool of each
of the 16 segments, then try to derive questions that would consistently
identify each.

I come out pretty consistently INTP or ENTP, depending on my mood.

> ...
> The distinctions seem a bit silly, too.  e.g. N/S:  you can 
> either be Insrospective OR Observant.  ???  What if you are 
> an observant introspective person?
> It all seems an attempt to force people into categories that 
> are too rigidly defined (where's the category for 
> anti-authoritarian contrarians?).
> Ben Zaiboc

Again, it is just a game, invented my sociologist types.  Notice also a
similarity with horoscopes: the description of each category is very general
and at least moderately flattering.  An explanation of the popularity of the
game might be that everyone is pleased with the description they see.

It would be cool to try to design a four-bit identifier game designed by
engineers and scientists.  Secondly, as a little joke, make the description
of each category a biting criticism, such as the internet gag-horoscopes
that went around a few years ago, where the horoscopes started out with the
usual mush, but progressed toward ending comments such as "those who know
you well consider you an arrogant asshole."  {8^D  Does anyone here remember
that game?


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