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The data so far :


2010/1/6 JOSHUA JOB <nanite1018 at gmail.com>

> I saw that Damien was talking about psi.  I don't know what most of you
>> think about it.  It is good to have a crowd that at least has an opinion on
>> it one way or the other though.
> I reject all types of this stuff because there is no conceivable way in
> which they could operate. The information you would have to analyze in order
> to gain any information about things in the future, or in other regions, or
> that is actually happening in someone's mind would require a sensitivity and
> processing capacity so far beyond what our minds are capable of it is
> astonishing. Our senses are very limited in terms of their acuity.
> Since I reject the very concept of an extra-body soul as meaningless and
> without ground in empirical evidence, I can see no way that any of this
> stuff could actually be real. Telepathy or empathy are likely a result of a
> Sherlock Holmesian attention to detail and an extremely good sense of body
> language analysis, etc. Other things, like precognition, are meaningless and
> are certainly the result of a combination of practical psychology
> (predicting what people will do based on knowledge about them), and of
> course luck and chance.
> On a related note, the metaphysical studies (i.e. astrology, psychic,
> occult, new age; alternatively called "crap") section of my local Borders is
> now approximately equal in size to the philosophy (which is no longer
> labeled on any of the signs) and the science sections combined. I find that
> sad.
> Joshua Job
> nanite1018 at gmail.com
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