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> >  ...The dreamy  Nolan Sisters are more my style... spike
> In the UK, at the height of their fame in the 1970s just 
> about every young male of that era went to bed dreaming about 
> being attacked by the Nolan sisters.  ;) BillK

If you meant attacked in the sexual sense, that would be quite unlikely, for
it is impossible to rape the willing.  Nay, far beyond willing, eager.

Strange that I had never heard of them.  Perhaps they never did much on
American television or radio.  Other yanks, are the Nolans new to you?  

YouTube forms a kind of time machine.  SF writers of the past did not
envision time travel in this indirect manner, but it might even have some
advantages over actual time travel: we get the Nolans free, without having
to go back to 1978 and buy a ticket to their concert or suffer through
commercial messages on TV.

I am now thinking there is something magic about Ireland.  That island has
produced at least two groups of five stunning beauties: the Nolan sisters in
the 1970s and three decades later the Celtic Women:


The youngest of these in this video, the stunning Hayley Westenra, is
actually from Australia, another island continen fifth Celtic Woman not
shown here, Máiréad Nesbitt, who is not only to-stay-alive-for* gorgeous,
but is also a monster talent on the fiddle and a lithe dancer.  Check out
the simultaneous dancing, fiddling, and being beautiful:


One's fondest dream could never do justice to these.  The US has a much
larger population, but has not produced or enjoyed such native talent as
Ireland and Australia since Karen Carpenter perished on the darkly memorable
day, 4 February 1983.


*The more common expression to-die-for gorgeous makes no sense.  Rather the
opposite: picture a dying patient making the choice between continuing the
painful radiation and chemotherapy or to let nature take its course.
Chancing to see Máiréad or for that matter Hayley or any of the other Celtic
Women, the patient may reverse course and decide it is worth it to have a
little more time to enjoy these to-stay-alive-for gorgeous ladies.

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