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Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 18:29:40 UTC 2010

     Maybe the brain can somehow sort entangled atoms into coherent mental
structures that respond to the nonlocal squirming of other, similar
structures--that, because of our place in time and space, we have a large
number of these particles and have evolved a mental system to control them
and even a "language" of sorts, probably close or identical to our brain's
neurological language, allowing us to communicate there.  This is easy to
imagine from an evolutionary standpoint.  Humans whose brains could
communicate in the tiniest amounts could react sooner to threats and bond
closer socially.  The mechanism to entangle the entangled would grow in
complexity, maybe even contributing to the growth of language.
     This could even imply the idea that telepathic scenarios often involve
people close to the receiver.  Maybe the number of shared particles.  Can
entangled particles be spread by phone or computer?

     The brain is already well known for the seemingly implausible things it
manages to obtain, especially in the sorting category--memories and senses
and all that.  If the brain can manipulate the information carried by minute
electrical pulses, why not allow it to recognize and use entangled
particles?  Particles that behave differently can be categorized by that
nature.  The brain could do it.

     I think this is theoretically possible, much moreso than other
explanations, and that it could be an important missing piece in fields from
linguistics to evolutionary biology to modern physics.

Somebody who is learned, please lend us the answer as to if this is actually
possible in quantum physics or if I just have a case of "wikipedia PhD."
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