[ExI] Seeing Through New Lenses

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Jan 13 18:53:32 UTC 2010

> > A developmental psychologist showed three pictures to children - a 
> > cow, a chicken and some grass. He asked children from America which 
> > two of the pictures belonged together.  Most of them 
> grouped the cow 
> > and chicken together because they were both objects in the same 
> > category of animals.  Chinese children on the other hand tended to 
> > group the cow and grass together because "cows eat grass" - they 
> > focused on the relationship between two objects rather than the 
> > objects themselves.
> >
> > [Which of these do YOU prefer?  Which of these do you think 
> is closer 
> > to The Truth?  Why?  - Jef]
> The cow and the chicken, because they are Friends.  Damien

The chicken and the grass belong together, with with the cow being the odd
lifeform out.  Clearly neither the chicken nor the grass feed their
offspring directly from glands on their bodies.


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