[ExI] Meaningless Symbols

Stathis Papaioannou stathisp at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 13:34:22 UTC 2010

2010/1/18 Stefano Vaj <stefano.vaj at gmail.com>:
> 2010/1/16 Gordon Swobe <gts_2000 at yahoo.com>:
>> If anything is ridiculous, it's the notion that either the simple or the complex versions of the program will cause a conscious entity to pop into the world to say hello.
> This is why "conscious entities" in such mystical sense probably do
> not exist at all...

I assume when people say that they don't really mean what it sounds
like, but rather they mean that consciousness is just an epiphenomenon
or necessary side-effect of intelligent behaviour.

Stathis Papaioannou

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