[ExI] quantum brains

scerir scerir at libero.it
Tue Jan 19 22:33:59 UTC 2010

Whoa. I think you are crossing threads here, Stathis. I am not making any 
assertions about  the computability or incomputability of brain function. I 
think that is a separate, although potentially related, issue from whether the 
brain uses quantum mechanics to function. I am merely addressing what I 
percieve as a classical bias to biology and brain 
function. For the most part QM *is* computable otherwise it would be 
worthless to physics.
-Stuart LaForge

If quantum information is indeed carried by quantum systems, the wavefunction 
might be the image of this information. While the quantum information cannot be 
on paper, the wavefunction (in general) can be. Thus, it is possible to 
imagine that quantum information does exist, it is not the wavefunction, but it 
is only represented by it. This distinction seems important, speaking of the 
largely hypothetical quantum brain. Notice the double dichotomy: brain / mind, 
quantum wavefuntion / quantum information.  

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