[ExI] Book: What is Posthumanism?

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Fri Jan 22 17:34:02 UTC 2010

I just came across Carey Wolf's writings, and noticed this book which has a
publish date of January 2010. His current book is What is Posthumanism?
6157#TOC   (He addresses issues also discussed within the framework of
transhumanism.)*  Wolf's linking posthumanism to second order cybernetics
(cybernetics of cybernetics) caught my eye because I am currently writing
about cybernetics of cybernetics as linked to transhuman.
Anyone who has thoughts/insights on this link would be beneficial.
*[Within the arts, posthumanism has been argued as being more
thought-provoking, insightful, rigorous, sophisticated than transhumanism.
Of course, most of this stems from a strategic positioning of posthumanism
within academia. (Hayles, Ihde, Peters, etc.  who found fault with
transhumanism in the Metanexus Global Spiral magazine, which I was invited
to be Guest Editor to respond to their claims
http://www.metanexus.net/magazine/tabid/68/id/10693/Default.aspx  (and with
a follow-up at the recent conference where More, de Grey and I were invited
to speak about our responsive papers.)
http://www.metanexus.net/conference2009/featured_speakers.aspx  ]

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