[ExI] heaves a long broken psi

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 21:49:23 UTC 2010

Spike, Damien, Gordon, Stathis, Ben,...the bad boys, Eugen and John
...,  all my friends,

I can prove that psi is real.

Last night, just as Spike was composing his email, I was enjoying my
last walk of the day -- night actually -- beneath a moonless but
star-bedazzled sky.   One of the things I love about my winters here
on the East Cape is the moonlit and starlit walks in the cloudless
ampitheatre of the universe.  Me the wife and the dogs.

 So, I'm walking along, pondering the three threads -- Gordon's
"Syntax macht nicht semantics", the psi moment, and finally, The
Looming Quantum Brain, when I paused momentarily, at the psi question.
 More specifically, paused to consider an answer to spike's original
challenge regarding his lack of interest.  Which I remember as
something along the lines of "Show me a plausible mechanism, then
we'll talk."  I immediately had an answer, but I enjoyed it privately,
avoiding the burden of typing it up. ...


You know about the Aspect QM work.  Decoherence happens.
Instantaneously.  Super-relativistically.  Action at point 'a' in 3D
space causes an INSTANTANEOUS effect at arbitrarily distant point 'b'.
 Others may offer alternative explanations, but to me, the explanation
that tops the list -- I forget where I heard it -- admirably robust in
its simplicity, is that the two entangled particles are in contact.
(Isn't there a body of philosophical  work dealing with the logical
impossibility of action at a distance, implying the necessity of
contact?, )

So the 'entangled' particles are in contact.  [Get over it unless
you've got a better explanation.  Oh!  I'm sorry.  Did I write that
out loud?  My bad.]  Absent the appearance of contact in any of the 4
D's we're familiar with, it seems so very reasonable to suppose that
there must be another D, or several, wherein the apparent contact is
mediated.  And then, of course, we all know that the guys with the big
hat sizes in physics have for some time now been talking up extra
dimensions.  "Ten or eleven at least...", they say, "...maybe as many
as 26.", they say.  "Gotta have it." they say.  "'Standard Model" goes
kaplooie without it", they say.  They say that.  Don't ask me why.  My
hat size is smaller.

So, isn't this the answer to spike's challenge?  Isn't this a
confirmed extra-dimensional -- "extra ' to our four D's -- linkage
that manifests itself in -- leaks over into -- our 4D realm?


So, I was walking along, slightly stony no doubt, going through a
variety of phrases where I replaced 'sigh' with 'psi', just as spike
has done in the subject line above.  I tried to find an exceedingly
clever phrasing with which to deploy and intermingle the emotional and
semantic nuances of the two words.  I worked at it for several minutes
with nothing.  Nothing clever and special and satisfying, that is, and
finally gave up, allowing myself to be satisfied with something that
used the phrase "...heaved a psi." -- JUST AS SPIKE DID IN HIS
POSTING.  Coincidence?  Puleeeeeese.

So, what else is there to say?  Case closed.  Psi is proven.  Next question.

Best, Jeff Davis

 "And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!"
                      Louie Armstrong

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