[ExI] heaves a long broken psi

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Jan 22 23:20:15 UTC 2010


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> ...
> If even less powerful to the point of being only a bit more 
> mighty than a natural being, would it then be known as a mitemighty?
> {8^D  spike

No wait, that would be a being who had supernatural powers but not all the
time.  The powers would mysteriously turn on and off as if by some
stochastic process, a cosmic roll of the dice determining if the
supernatural powers were there or not.  Or am I getting it confused with a

What if a supernatural being had one millionth the powers ordinarily
assigned to god?  Would that be a micromighty?  And if a thousanth, a


(Jeff!  Damien!  Do let us have a rip roaring language abuse party me lads,
like we used to do back in the 90s.  Others, do pitch into our verbal pillow

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