[ExI] EPOC EEG headset

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Fri Jan 22 23:50:39 UTC 2010

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> In general, that's what I've been trying to figure out: what 
> advantages does EEG actually give you, and in particular what 
> are the future prospects?... - Bryan

The use of an EEG for typing would be just as a technology demonstration
since we have better ways to get thoughts to text.  But the demo will
perhaps get people thinking of possible uses of mind-machine interfaces.
The one that came to mind with me is to use the technology for sex machines.
I wasn't thinking of enabling the quadruplegic to masturbate, but rather to
have an android or estroid partner respond to one's mental state, or
possibly verbal commands, or both.

Of course if we get sex machines that can read our minds and do what we want
them to do, it means the extinction of humanity by failure to procreate.
But at least the last generation will really enjoy themselves.  Just
thinking of the pile of money to be made by the first company to develop a
mind reading sex machine sends chills up and down my spine. 


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