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Sat Jan 23 01:11:11 UTC 2010

 I was looking at it from a rehab and occuptional therapy point of view fro use by the disabled. Going on from that, as you ask. For the average person what is the advantage compared to dictation software? 
The silence could be very useful and ideal for travel. You could happily work on a plane without disturbing other passengers. However as already said, you can probably expect some kind of cavity search until the technology is common place.

 I haven't tried typing yet using only thought activation. There may be some speed benifit after practicing for a while. Although I doubt it?
I'll let you know.



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How is this better than dictating to something like Dragon NaturallySpeaking? It's marvelous, but so is typing with your elbow. No great benefit unless your vocal chords and fingers have been removed or disabled. (Is the advantage that it can be done silently? That could be important on a plane, say, or in a crowded room. If you could do this without being arrested as a Terrorist with a Device.) 
Damien Broderick 

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