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 An odd topic for discussion, but ok i'll bite :o=   (that's a vampire smiley)


 As I understand it if a human consumes blood. A percentage is absopted into the bloodstream.
Presumably through the intestinal wall having passed through the stomach. 
Now with the vampire tales of old being about vampires preferencially draining the blood of infants.
This leads me to wonder whether said vampire would ingest and absorb stem cells which are in 
greater abundence in an infant. These stem cells once in the bloodstreem would presumable
migrate to areas of damage. Thus repairing the vampires body with short telomere
cells much more youthful in nature to the vampires own ?
The nutrient content of the blood would make it a perfect meal anyway. 

I would agree that the most probably cause of the myth was to cover some kind of 
questionable activity, or possible to prevent it amongst a society.


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if the insignificant anthropocentricism is removed then the question
becomes: What's super about vampires?

I think that's a much different question.

I'm not sure how to even research it, but I have a feeling vampires
evolved out of a really good cover story for some lost-to-antiquity
infidelity.  A woman explains to her husband that the "bites" on her
neck were from some bloodlusting creature that entered through the
window and nearly consumed her essence till she was faint and nearly
killing her, then he flew off into the night.  Today we call those
bites a hicky.  The blood is vitality, the lusting obvious.  Surely he
entered.  She likely nears the literary little death each time he
visits.  With nothing but bats flapping in the moonlit sky, there is
no man to accept blame.  It's the (nearly) perfect crime.  Of course
this leads to an addiction and dependence, so the story continues to
grow more outlandish over time.

I think witches riding broomsticks in front of the full moon are a
similar cover story for common rated-R activity.

And that whole "only virgins can see unicorns" malarkey - please...
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