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> So your bi-waves can't exist in this realm without bearing the marks
> of and conforming to the rules of 4D spacetime.  Those marks are two
> distinct photons at a known measurable distance, and with no
> possibility of intimate instantaneous contact (I assert).  Ergo, in
> our 4D spacetime,  instantaneous action across distance must be be
> mediated by and in other dimensions.


> So if you want to assert that the bi-waves know no separation, know no
> 'distance', I'm ready to entertain that notion so long as it is
> restricted to some extra-dimensional context where the "rules" of
> existence may not need, may in fact exclude what we experience as
> space and time.

FWIW, when you are talking about photons even at the other end of the physics i.e. special relativity, they don't experince the same 4D space-time that we do. Simililar to Serafino's observation, the dimesionality of the universe is not increased but is instead reduced. The Lorentz length contraction equation L'=L*sqrt(1-(v^2/c^2)) implies that from an observer in the same reference frame as the photons, the universe is squashed into a 2D plane of zero thickness perpendicular to the path that the photon is travelling. And by time dilation, T'=T/sqrt(1-(v^2/c^2)) rearranged to T=T' *sqrt(1-(v^2/c^2)), the time interval between *any* two events happening to the photon in own frame of reference is likewise zero. Thus in their own frames of reference, photons from a source never leave the source, and their source and their destination is one and the same. They don't move, because they have no space or time with which to move within. They are always in
 contact in the same point in 2D space at the same instant in time even if from the reference frame of slow moving matter their source and destination is separated by millions of light-years.

Stuart LaForge 

"Never express yourself more clearly than you think." - Niels Bohr 


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