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> > I don't care what Penrose thinks except insofar as I agree that QM may play a 
> role in brain function.
> If we live in a quantum world, it could not be otherwise.
> What I am wary of are claims that this would be the case for brains
> in some essentially different sense from that of QM playing a role in
> a liver, PC, or engine function.

In so far as I know, current PCs and engines are not designed to utilize QM to achieve any greater functionality. Livers and brains however were optimized over hundreds of millions of years of evolution to exploit every possible adaptive advantage from physical law and thus could achieve greater functionality by harnessing quantum effects. So I guess any QM effects would be a "bug" in a PC or engine but could be a "feature" in livers and brains.

Stuart LaForge 

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