[ExI] what? what?

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Jan 24 22:02:32 UTC 2010

> ...On Behalf Of Damien Broderick
> ...
> She?
> <Nicq MacDonald. Title: Thelemite/Goth Yuppie. Gender: Male. Age: 27. 
> Sun Sign: Capricorn. Chinese Sign: Metal Rooster. Location: 
> Albuquerque, New Mexico> 

Good thanks, Damien.  Regarding she? that was intentional, for I am hoping
to make the female gender terms more general than the male as opposed to how
it is now, the other way around.  It stands to reason, since the term she
contains he, and the term her also contains he, so he can be a specific
subset, and the female gender terms become nonspecific.  Wouldn't that solve
a bunch of problems?  Ladies here, would you have any objections to making
all unknown persons she and her?


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