[ExI] most common error: was RE: thought controled Third arm, (was EPOC EEG headset)

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Tue Jan 26 00:37:02 UTC 2010

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> Subject: [ExI] most common error: was RE: thought controled
> Third arm,(was EPOC EEG headset)
> ...in the age of software spell checkers and grammar
> checkers, what is the most common spelling error? ...
> It would need to be an error that spelled a different word,
> and the new word would need to make a grammatically correct
> sentence... spike

Speaking of funny errors, this one popped up on FoxNews headlines today.
Climate dog?  Theories:

1) Murdoch is trying to save money by hiring semiliterates for copy editors?

2) They meant Climate Doc, and a C looks like a G in some fonts?

3) The spell checkers and grammar checkers missed this because it
technically makes sense?

4) Some joker intentionally called the UN climate chief a dog and slipped it
past the editors?

{8^D  Check it out:


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