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-------------------------Gordon Swobe  27 Jan 2010 14:32

>Your idea seems at first glance to make a lot of sense, so let's go ahead and 
>add sensors to our digital computer so that it gets environmental inputs that 
>correspond to the symbols. Let's see what happens:



But how is this any different from the human brain?

It can also be viewed as multiple rooms each containing an instance of Searle.
Each searle is processing information in isolation. he never really understands, yet 
the combined result is a system we call 'intelligent'. Im fairly sure that the average frontal
lobe could not pass the turing test by itself.

In the same way the Chinese room in the robot, should actually be multiple Chinese rooms.
It is the combined power of these rooms that determine whether the 'System' should pass
the test. Not examination of isolated fragments and their inner workings.

Also the discrete synaptic signals our brain uses to communicate with all its parts
and the to I/O with the world is no different to the translation from a visual
image, sound or any other sense into computer binary for the robot.
I do not understand 'Synaptic' firings, does that mean I am not intelligent?

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