[ExI] alternative gambling game, plus epsilon

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Quite.  The problem is, not all players will follow any given
strategy.  You know some people will do the
lightning-strikes-twice strat, just like some will do the
simple-numbers strat (111, 123, etc.) - but the
simple-numbers will likely draw a disproportionate number
of plays, just because those who follow it need spread
their bets across fewer numbers.

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>>... (Likewise, the last
winning number would likely be something to avoid, for the reason
you stated.)... Adrian
Ja, but of course if the others followed this line of reasoning, then a fewer than average number of players would choose the last winning number, which would increase its probability of being the least-chosen, and thus become a repeat winner.  But if other players followed this line of meta-reasoning, they might intentionally buy that number, reducing its chances of becoming a repeat winner...spike
If even 40% of the players followed the lightning-never-strikes-twice philosophy, then one's chances of winning are increased to about 29% by buying last round's winner.  However, if even a half of a percent of the players do the same calculus I just did, they compensate for the others and the chances of winning with that number drop to below nominal.   {8-]
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