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>...    Find me an old croupier who is bored and you will see that all this is possible, you just have to look for that old geezer the next time you visit a casino... Frank

The world of gambling is full of illusions, some accidental, some intentional, some felonious, some having to do with human nature and difficult to explain.  Why is it that we gaze into a camp fire on a gentle summer evening?  Why is it this video is so easy to watch for all four minutes? 
This is a nice wheel this guy has in the video.  Note the design, a classic European.  It has only one green, instead of the American wheels which have two greens.  (The house wins on green.)  One like that in good condition is worth many thousands, more if it has been in use at a casino for a few decades, more still if that casino is one of the famous biggies, and still more if the casino is illegal but well known.
The roulette wheel seems to have a hypnotic effect that is hard to explain.  We can easily imagine old croupiers who learn how to spot the marks he can cheat by paying off less than 36 to 1, by seeing who has become too drunk to count their chips, or has become so mesmerized by the spinning ball they miss the sleight of hand, they miss the wrong colored chip being handed out at the win, or the stack that is one short.  
It is easy to imagine a waitress and a croupier working together with some kind of subtle hand signal to indicate a big roller, so that the waitress intentionally mixes his free drinks a bit stronger and brings them a bit more often, to loosen his wallet.  I am no expert on any of this, but my imagination runs wild.  A croupier has a boring job.  He stands around doing a mindless repetitive task all day, watching, watching, watching...  Is it surprising that some, perhaps most of them, figure out ways to cheat undetected?

I do contest the notion that any croupier could favor any certain number over any other by the way they spin the ball.  Frank if you disagree, no problem, I am cool with having that matter unresolved.  {8-]

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