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I guess I should introduce myself as well. My name is Darren Shawn Greer. I'm a novelist/essayist from Canada. 42 years old. Single. Gay. My life and my work have undergone a transformation in the past five years that seemed to set me off from everyone I knew. I believed that post-modernism was dead, that the future belonged to technology and robotics and that humans needed to find a way to manage that to our benefit, that there was some social evolution or sea-change taking place among people--slowly to be sure and in discreet packets in terms of population-- and that the same kind of evolution was taking place in me. I met someone on-line who introduced me in a limited fashion to the intellectual concepts and critical theory of post-humanism and I stumbled across the transhuman websites and organizations by myself later on. I moved to San Francisco for a time and had some personal experiences that did indeed confirm to me that there were radical changes taking place among some people in terms of how they viewed the world and the future of humanity, though I was convinced that the majority were not even aware of them. They were not changes you could see, but rather that you could sense.


Anyway, it's a complicated history so I won't try to explain it in this short space. Let's just say that the more salient precepts of this new "movement" matched my own burgeoning beliefs so precisely that I was somewhat stunned to discover that it even existed. I felt the kind of relief a man can feel only when he discovers he is no longer alone.


Of course, I have my own experience and thinking and beliefs which may be quite different from yours and some of the more formal aspects of this new mode of intellectual categorization. But it is close enough, and seems to me a way to move forward, in my art and in my life. As I told a friend of mine recently, I appreciate originality, but I hate to be alone.



Per Ardua Ad Astra
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