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Well said!



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spike wrote: 

Taxifornia is on the verge of legalizing marijuana, and hoping to tax it to
try to dig out of its current budget abyss.  These days there is something
about in the news nearly every day.  I always hear about new medications
needing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of clinical testing to verify
that any new medication is safe and effective before it gets FDA approval.
So why wouldn't that apply here?

Millions if not hundreds of millions have been spent.  Trying to prove the
pot is really really bad for you.  It has failed.  To me the argument for
legalizing pot is much more simple than any medical claims.

1) You have the right as a consenting adult to imbibe whatever you wish;
2) Given (1) others have the right to supply you with what you wish.

That said, pot is not just medicine.  So FDA rules do not apply.  Did the
FDA need to approve alcohol or tobacco?   

- s




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