[ExI] Infrared vision via vitamins (well, not really)

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Fri Jul 9 20:33:37 UTC 2010

Hi Folks,

Here's another one. Here's some research that indicates that chlorin e6 eye
drops improves night vision.


...the scientists gave mice a chlorophyll derivative, chlorin e6, to see if
their red vision was improved. Using a technique called electroretinography,
which measures retinal cell responses to a flash of light, the researchers
found that the treated mice showed almost double the response to red light
when compared to non-treated mice. The group also showed that the
chlorin e6was localised in the retina and conclude that the increased
sensitivity is a result of light absorption by the chlorophyll derivative.

Washington is currently performing similar research in people. It is
possible that taking a chlorophyll derivative supplement could improve night
vision, he said.


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