[ExI] New York Times piece on cryonics, featuring Robin Hanson & Peggy

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Mon Jul 12 17:21:41 UTC 2010

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> "trying too hard to save lives"
> What kind of depressing, defeatist philosophy comes up with a phrase like
> that?

Actually I came up with that because I was paraphrasing the vicious theme of
that article, where it is essentially criticizing American health care for
trying to hard to save lives and american patients for wanting too much to
fight and try to live. I don't think they actually say that in the article,
it would make the absurdity of their point too clear.

> I've been thinking about that article, and the thing that strikes me is
> that nobody has said a word about the wishes of the people

Exactly my problem with it, we have a very clear word that describes the
idea of forcing someone to die who does not want to, it's called murder. The
fact that this is discussed so coldly and dismissively of the desires of
opinions of the patients themselves is utterly disturbing.  With the recent
passing of Obama's health care reform here in the US and the new wave of
articles like these I think a clear and ominous trend is arising - the
dismissal of the expensive desire to live in the elderly in favor of some
abstract utilitarian good where we all shut up, give up, and just let
ourselves die. That is why alleged transhumanists / extropians who are
advocates of socialized medicine should take note, thier desire to live is
not only disgustingly selfish by these people's standards, but will
eventually be outlawed if these wannabe social tyrants have their way - and
unfortunately they make up the majority of opinions on the matter.

Michael F Dickey
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