[ExI] internet as the biggest advance in medicine ever

Gregory Jones spike66 at att.net
Mon Jul 12 18:54:30 UTC 2010

> Medical fraud is a huge business. Just look in your spam mailbox!
> You have a big problem sorting out valid information from the torrent
> of scams, frauds, misleading ads, exaggerated benefits,
> publicity-seeking nutters or people with a book or potions to sell
> you...  BillK
Ja.  Let me refine my idea a bit.
We take all the text people write to internet support groups, reduce the data to numbers and create from that a huge matrix that has patient ID, the medications they take, and the vitals.  From that, the sufferers scan thru and try to find patterns or ideas for treatment.  
BillK's comment goes towards the notion that this actually enables medical fraud.  For instance, the Embiggen company had some mysterious potion which they were actually selling for a completely different purpose, but they decide to go to the Alzheimer's site and put phony patients in there who took Embiggen and their Alzheimers disappears.  Suddenly the market for Embiggen explodes, and the Embiggen producers are rich and missing.
So how do we create the data matrix and make some effort to keep out most of the charlatans?  Is it possible?  Ideas?  Register the matrix users and have them monitored by the medics?
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