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--- On Mon, 7/12/10, Damien Sullivan <phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu> wrote:
California tax levels (% personal income) are lower than 11 other
states, such as... I have to call BS on this meme.  Of course "way too high" is subjective...-xx- Damien X-) 
Hi Damien X, glad to see you posting again, haven't seen your commentary in a while.
California taxes lower than 11 other states?  Depends wildly on how one looks at it.  For instance, California has an income tax, which doesn't hit the illegals at all, since they cannot report any income.  Not sure how that is figured in, but state income tax definitely hits the 9-to-5ers bigtime.  California has a high sales tax, 8.7%, so the amount one pays depends on how much one buys.  Most importantly, California has a property tax that is limited in growth to 1% per year after the initial purchase.  So it is very high right after one buys a home, but after a long time, not so bad.
With these things in mind, it isn't a simple statement to say that California is number 12 on the list, because it depends on so many factors.
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