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Wed Jul 14 00:35:52 UTC 2010

Gregory Jones wrote:
> --- On *Mon, 7/12/10, Stefano Vaj /<stefano.vaj at gmail.com>/* wrote:
> >...As much as I may dislike prohibitionism and the DEA, any kind of smoke
> produced by combustion is hardly the healthiest way to administer any
> substance.
> Ja agreed, but smoking a plant may be the cheapest way to administer 
> any drug.  The alternative means of administering drugs are 
> tightly controlled by governments and the medical establishment, 
> putting the refined medications out of the reach of many, if not most, 
> people.

Vaporizers are not that expensive and much better for you.  Or in the 
case of pot, cooking with it works fine.
> The USian recent health reform bill did not fix that problem, but 
> rather may have made it worse.  The health insurance companies must 
> raise their prices to compensate for the new requirement that they 
> cover previously-uninsurable patients.
Grrrr.  That just ended the entire art of "insurance" and will 
eventually end private insurance leaving only government players.  Which 
was likely the idea.

>   It requires Americans to buy health insurance, which most will not 
> do (the fine for not buying is cheaper than the insurance), which 
> means they will avoid doctors and hospitals to avoid the fine.

How did the land of freedom fall so far that we allow government to tell 
us what to do and to tell insurers who to insure and at what rates? 
> So instead of getting the safer refined drugs, many will get none.  
> The option of supplying drugs in a cheap smoked form may be better 
> than the alternative, which is nothing.
I am also very concerned what will likely happen to medical R&D and 
advanced treatments in this country.  I think a lot will not be funded 
anymore or will not be listed on the government approved care list.    I 
also have heard more than a few physician friends say they will not 
practice medicine this way.  Either they opt out of all government 
programs (many already have) around medicine and self-fund somehow to 
keep doing it the way they believe it should be done or they leave the 
profession.  This is not at all good news for we boomers. 

- samantha

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