[ExI] atheists de-baptize unbelievers:

Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 02:59:02 UTC 2010

Pretentious atheism ruins atheism.  A smart, sensible atheist ignores
baptism, because it has zero meaning outside of its believers.  Kagin seems
like he actually believes that children are wrongfully made to *become
Christian* when that drop of water touches their heads, and that he has to
undo the horror.  Wouldn't it be more productive to just...ignore the whole

I know smart people love to make belittling jokes, but sometimes too much
masturbating of the ego actually validates the other side.  Every "A for
Atheist" shirt only pounds home the idea of Faith, Symbol, Faith!

I fear for atheism when its harbingers are empathy-less prats...
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