[ExI] How could this former math professor find an edge in playing the lottery???

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 00:08:10 UTC 2010

On 7/14/10, John Grigg wrote:
> Does anyone here have a theory regarding how this former math
>  professor won the lottery FOUR TIMES??  She must have figured
>  something out to give herself a very significant edge...  Applied
>  mathematics? Psi?  Computer hacking?  Or maybe she's a time traveler
>  who likes the simple life?  ; )

OK. Here's how it works......

First.  She is a maths professor. So she knows how to calculate odds.

Second.  She likes a fun gamble on the scratchies and she knows that
different games have different odds of winning a prize. Not only that,
but the odds change from day to day for each game as the big prizes
are won. Sometimes all the big prizes have already been won for a
particular game but the game cards are still on sale, so a savvy
gambler would not buy cards for that game.  Then one day she gets
lucky and has her first win of 5.5 million.

Third. Now she has 5.5 million to leverage her scratch card buying
system. If she buys a million dollars worth of scratchies in a game
where the big prizes are still available she would have to be really
unlucky not to win another prize. As she has proved.



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