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Well, this does get into another discussion (another post I responded to):
Medical science.  As it stands, nothing is done about companies treating
treatments, equipment, and drugs as their property, and the pharmaceutical
industry, for example, records record profits year after year. I understand
that playing the market and all that is great for productivity and
creativity, BUT there should be a limit to this when health is concerned. A
rudimentary idea stemming from this is essentially making gov't buyouts of
drug patents etc. more routine (for the most useful and needed treatments)
and open them up for manufacturers to use royalty free (or at a
substantially lower rate) to keep the costs low. As well, preventative
measures will do wonders, but this mustn't come at the cost of liberty.
(think like AA but for the obese)  These are just a few ideas that could
quickly rein in the cost of healthcare while maintaining utmost quality.

Don't think, though, that I am foolish enough to trust our gov't
wholeheartedly-I come from Illinois, I know how it goes. Fortunately,
though, the above comes at little direct risk to the public, and as always,
more transparency and public involvement is necessary in gov't.

Yours etc.,
  Colin D

2010/7/20 Dave Sill <sparge at gmail.com>

> 2010/7/20 Colin D <colin.dodson at gmail.com>
> May I be so egalitarian as to suggest that perhaps the so-called 'free
>> market' isn't the best solution for all problems, and that just maybe
>> everyone who wants it deserves suitable and appropriate health-care,
>> regardless of their material wealth?
> Suggest away. And while you're at it, suggest a way to pay for all that
> top-notch healthcare.
> -Dave
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