[ExI] Religions and violence [Was Re: Sarah Palin]

max at maxmore.com max at maxmore.com
Wed Jul 21 21:10:58 UTC 2010

Gosh, I?m glad we?re discussing the fine details of Catholic theology  
here. :-)

Quoting Damien Sullivan <phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu>:

> Many Muslims seems to disagree about that very point, as opposed to
> Papal infallibility can't be that central, seeing as it was put forth in
> 1870.

It was first put forth *formally* in 1870, but it had been around for  
many centuries before that. See the Wikipedia source you?re looking  
at, under ?Middle Ages?. For instance: ?The infallibility of the pope  
was thus formally defined in 1870, although the tradition behind this  
view goes back much further.?

The student beliefs I mentioned may not in contradiction to an ex  
cathedra declaration, then (except, perhaps, birth control). But they  
still in conflict with the declarations of the highest authority in  
the Catholic Church, and with the magisterium. You could probably also  
substitute "pornography" for "sex before marriage" for most of them.  
So you?re technically correct, but I think my point remains intact.  
The students *did* say they accepted the Pope as the highest  
scriptural authority, and yet maintained their (conveniently) contrary  

Let's not get into the difference between "de fide tenenda" and "de  
fide credenda"  teachings...

The main point is: Do you agree with the Muslims who claim that their  
highest religious authorities and texts do *not* tell them to fight  
the infidel?


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