[ExI] Religions and violence

Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 21:54:46 UTC 2010

These things are only problems in the eyes of fundamentalists.  There are
reform/protestant Islamic groups just as in any other religion.  I really
don't understand; there are reprehensible passages in every bible.  The
Torah is full of misogyny and bizarre law, but I'm sure that when I say I
know a Jewish guy you don't think of that.  It makes more sense to think of
a Common Joe (Jomar?) Muslim just as you would any other religion.    If you
want to blanket all followers of a religion by the specifics of their texts,
be prepared to condemn a lot more people.  Which isn't to say religion is
good.  But at least keep your arguments tight*.

* , John K Clark
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