[ExI] Religions and violence

John Clark jonkc at bellsouth.net
Thu Jul 29 17:31:04 UTC 2010

On Jul 28, 2010, at 11:22 PM, Tomasz Rola wrote:

> As has been already stated, Islamic culture saved a lot of ancient (in a 
> sense of ancient Greece and Rome) wisdom for us.

And as I've already stated many times, whenever an Islamic apologist tries to illustrate the glories of that civilization they ALWAYS pick examples from the eleventh or twelfth century, they really have no choice, they certainly couldn't find anything modern to brag about. And by modern I mean the last few centuries. 

> In their finest years [...]

I don't care because this is not their finest year and is not even close; that was 900 years ago, perhaps more.

> Do you differentiate Islam of Saharan Beduins from Islam of Iranian women professors?

She's from Somalia not Iran but if you mean a professor like Ayaan Hirsi Ali who must remain in hiding for the rest of her life for daring to publicly say that Islam mistreats women then yes, I do differentiate her from the mainstream followers, that is to say the vast majority. It's interesting that these Islamic morons think giving a woman a death sentence for speaking her mind will prove she is not telling the truth when she says that crackpot religion mistreats women.

>> smartness and wealth and Nobel Prizes is a pretty God damn good metric for judging 
>> one group BETTER than another, especially when it includes much more 
>> personal freedom, and I don't even need weasel quotation marks. 
> One other metrics comes to my mind. Origin of words.

What the hell?! A modern civilization is admirable if many centuries ago it was the source of some words we use today? That is nuts.   
> Are there any words coming from Hebrew?

Who cares!
>> But it is a crime to force others to live as if it were the twelfth 
>> century.

> Are you sure anybody _is_ forced?

Of course I'm sure people are forced. Closing down opposition newspapers is force, being publicly whipped for flying a kite or even for humming is force, throwing acid in the face of young girls on their way to school because the true believers don't think women should be educated is force, flying civilian airliners into civilian skyscrapers is not only force it's barbarism. 

This knee jerk defense of Islam from certain people on the left reminds me of the defense of Stalin the left mounted in the 1930's. Even years later when it became clear to all that Stalin's evil approached that of Hitler some on the left were still angry at those early critics for being prematurely anti-Stalinist. Madness.  

> I wonder why anybody would want to change from self-hate to Islam-hate.

Is that true? Do you really wonder why some people think that might be a rather good idea?

>> who would be so anti-intellectual as to call the Nobel prize the Megadeath prize? Well I can think of one group and it starts with the letter "I".
> Care to give me example of members of "I" group expressing this point of view?

No, that is an exercise for the reader. Think real hard.

  John K Clark

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